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Welcome to the Organizing With Alix site!


Welcome to Organizing With Alix.

I love an organized space and I bet you do too.  My specialty is guiding and assisting you in the process of de-cluttering, sorting, classifying, and organizing your stuff. I enable the overwhelmed to gain control of the chaos and in the process create a more productive and enjoyable environment at home and at work.

My organizing clients run the gamut from recent college graduates, to homeowners, and to executives at publicly-traded companies.  Everyone is juggling busy personal and/or professional lives. What all of my clients have in common is the need and the desire to develop a new approach toward organizing their space and their lives.


   In the form of an initial consultation, the process begins with a tour of the client's targeted
areas.  We then provide an assessment of the areas in need of organization.  This leads to the 
   development of a Personal Organizing Plan
 for achieving your organizational goals.

From closets to garages, home offices to places of business, there is no challenge we
overcome.  Once the client’s organizational plan is established, together we tackle
project and build customized solutions for continued success.

This is accomplished with the client’s input as much as my own - enabling the client to be comfortable in, and maintain, the new environment, preserving dignity and confidentiality throughout the process (and with a few laughs along the way).

My services encompass all areas of personal and home organization, including:

  • time-management/life simplification

  • wardrobe consultations

  • physical organization of:


             home offices;



             attics; and



I also assist in relocations/moving - from the purging process, to coordination of tag sales and of professional packers and movers, as well as assisting in the entire move-in and unpacking process. 


On the corporate front, my services include general physical organization (e.g. storage rooms, sample closets, and showrooms) and the development and implementation of systems for maintaining physical organization.